Long gone are the times of stranger danger. Well, at least that’s true if you’re running a real estate company social media account. Nowadays it is common – and almost expected – for a company to interact with its residents, employees, and community on the Internet. Maybe your company hasn’t been doing that. No need to fear, for I have for you the 4 Rules for Social Media Interaction.

Use Humor Sparingly

We all know that one person who thinks they’re hilarious but actually isn’t. And it’s always painful to give them that pity laugh. So with social media, don’t be that person. Take a look at Whataburger’s Twitter account (@whataburger). You don’t have to be a writer for SNL to run a strong Twitter account,sometimes you just have to be a bit random. Whataburger’s focus is on how life would be depressing without it in your life. As someone who has moved to the dark side (aka a place without Whataburger), I find this to be very true, and it makes their Twitter account all the more endearing. For real estate, it’s important to show a little bit of personality on social media. It allows you to be seen as more approachable and have more social media interaction with your residents, potential residents, and the community.

Don’t Be Afraid of Negativity

In the real estate industry, negativity is plentiful on the internet. Sometimes things don’t go as planned with your business, and you may receive a bad review online. Don’t worry. Instead, think about how you want to respond. In almost every case, I personally think it’s the best strategy for companies to reply to these reviews and address the problem with a possible solution. What’s amazing with social media, and the Internet in general, is that you can talk one-on-one, so reach out to them. The negative experience the reviewer had may shed light on a larger problem, which once discovered, can be resolved so higher-quality service can be experienced by all. When potential residents are surfing the net for a place to live, they look at reviews. While bad reviews may affect their choices, properties engaging with reviews and offering solutions to the negativity will give them reassurance.

Use More Than One Brain

Two brains are better than one is not exclusively for academic endeavors. One of my favorite social media accounts is Vogue’s Instagram account . They always have beautiful photos, and they’re not afraid to collaborate. They’ve reposted photos and had budding artists take over their account, and they’ve done all of this while sticking true to the core of their brand. For real estate, you can collaborate with the community, showcasing events, people, and issues that connect your company with your audience.

Be Timely

Sometimes we don’t do things on time. And that’s ok. However, with all social media, time is of the essence, so don’t be like that friend that tells you happy birthday a month late. If someone mentions you in a tweet, and you decide as a company to favorite all mentions, go ahead and handle it right away. More likely than not, it will bring a smile to that person’s face, because it’s always awesome to get some love from one of your favorite companies.