Nowadays, people aren’t just looking to the classified sections of newspapers or Craigslist to find multifamily properties. They’re turning to seemingly unconventional tools for social media marketing research and inspiration, such as Pinterest.

Grow your online presence and enhance your multifamily marketing strategy with this free social media for apartments checklist.

For those who don’t know what Pinterest is, it’s an online bookmark and picture-sharing site. Like other social media platforms, users can follow companies and other users and re-pin their images onto online “Bulletin Boards.” For multifamily properties, maintaining a Pinterest account can improve your apartment SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Enhancing your multifamily SEO ensures that your property website appears near the top of search engine results, which results in more leads, interactions, and better brand value.

Here are a few simple steps that will help you build a strong presence on Pinterest:

1. Create a Pinterest Account

Use your full business name in your account. Include all necessary descriptive contact information or logos in your Pinterest bio.

2. Create Your Boards

On Pinterest, Boards are the topics by which you organize your content. You should create boards that showcase your property (rooms, amenities, events) and boards that provide tips and tricks for commonly searched apartment topics. Make sure to keep the number of boards fairly minimal so that you can keep all of them active and create descriptions for each.

Here are some ideas:

  • interior decorating tips
  • space-saving tricks
  • neighborhood guides
  • easy recipes for entertaining

3. Include Multifamily SEO Keywords

Make sure individual posts (called Pins) contain keywords your business wants to be searchable by, either in the title or Pin description. This will increase your Pin’s relevance in search engines and direct more people to your pins.

4. Customize Source Links

Customize your Pin’s link to direct potential renters back to your website so they can check your property out. To do that, click “Edit” on your pin, insert your website URL into the ‘Source’ bracket, and make a captivating caption that will entice users to click on it.

Making Pinterest Part of Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Overall, Pinterest is a unique social media marketing channel that may not be successful for everyone, but when utilized correctly, it could be your best friend. Pinterest can help your multifamily SEO — so make sure you at least get started and make Pinterest an integral part of your social media marketing plan.

Grow your online presence and enhance your multifamily marketing strategy with this free social media for apartments checklist.