Twitter is an amazing place. With over 300 million active users, Twitter has an active community that all different types of people embrace.

Almost every type of industry has a community on Twitter, including engineers, marketers, fashion designers, and even realtors. But how can these industries use Twitter to their benefit and actually gain something positive out of a social network?

We’ve talked a lot about social media and how it benefits real estate, but let’s talk about one thing in specific that may be of interest to realtors, developers, and everyone alike: Tweetchats.

The Benefit of Tweetchats

Tweetchats are scheduled, moderated conversations about a specific topic. Any Twitter user is welcome to join any Tweetchat of their choice, but it’s a chance for users to connect with each other and converse over similar interests. For instance, a Tweetchat about community fitness will probably bring groups of social runners and yoga lovers together to talk about health and wellness in community settings.

How to Get Involved

Find a Tweetchat

This part is actually relatively easy for the real estate industry. There are several different types of Tweetchats, each catered to people interested in multifamily, apartment hunting, developments, or traveling. However, Tweetchats are scheduled at a certain time each week. Make sure to find out when exactly your chat is and add it to your calendar. There are a few websites out there that list almost every Tweetchat created and their time.

Questions & Answers

The format for a Tweetchat is fairly simple to understand: there’s usually a moderator from a single Twitter account that tweets out questions for other users to respond to. Using the form, “Q1” or “Q2”, moderators are able to let you know what question they’re on and you reply to those questions with “A1”, “A2”, or whichever number corresponds to the question. This makes it easy for other participants to easily understand what everyone is responding to and ultimately helps everything stay organized.

Engage With Others

So you’re answering the questions and you’re getting favorites on your Tweets and maybe a few replies. What do you do now? Engage with them! This is the time where you can interact with the rest of the community; reply to interesting answers you see, favorite some tweets that catch your attention. Overall, it’s your chance to get your name out there, grow your following, and make some connections.

While you may think Tweetchats won’t help people in the industry, it’s still important to know that a social presence is beneficial to all different types of professionals. With the digital age constantly evolving, it’s imperative that the real estate industry stays on their toes; engaging with the community through social media is one way to stay up-to-date.