With Twitter, engagement is directed towards a broader community: residents, local businesses, other properties, corporate management offices, the multifamily industry, etc. While Facebook is predominantly B2C (business to consumer), Twitter incorporates more B2B (business to business).

Twitter (The Basics)

Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to share short messages, which are limited to 280 characters. Users range from individuals to major corporations, and they have the option to follow or subscribe to each other’s updates. Hashtags (indicated by #) allow users to carry on conversations with larger groups, and Twitter’s retweet feature enables messages to quickly bridge networks of people.

Twitter lends well to news-like updates, quick conversations, and viral messages. Several multifamily properties have found their way onto Twitter, and Criterion.B is frequently asked for direction on its use. Below, we’ve provided a few guidelines:

Uses for Twitter

    • Important updates: While residents are one of many audiences on Twitter, they’re still an important one. Twitter is an excellent tool for sharing information updates, whether that’s upcoming resident events, inclement weather, or reminders about daylight savings time. Quick thoughts and well wishes (e.g., Happy holidays! Safe travels everyone) are also conducive to the platform.

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    • Community engagement: Begin following and interacting with local businesses. Your multifamily property is part of a larger community, so it’s important to be a good community member. Support local events by spreading the word, and share business specials when they’re relevant to your residents or your community. You’d be surprised how much support you’ll receive in return, both online and off.

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    • Environmental scanning: Twitter is a wonderful tool for monitoring the conversation surrounding your property, your city and your industry. What are people saying about your property? Banter with the good, and address the bad. It’s important to always respond. Is someone searching for apartments in Uptown Dallas? Perhaps you could be the one to reach out and offer to answer any questions they have about the neighborhood. A simple keyword search allows you to keep an eye on conversations that might be relevant to you.

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    • Cross-platform promotion: Twitter is a great way to spread the word about things you’re doing on other platforms. If your property keeps a blog, or if you’re holding a contest on Facebook or Instagram, Twitter is a great platform for sharing links or sending out reminders.

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  • Displaying your personality: When interacting on Twitter, people should feel like they’re corresponding with a person, not a business. Be friendly, be personable, be neighborly. Remember that social media is a cocktail party, so take the time to get to know the other people at the party. The customer-centric approach pays off in the form of relationships, which is the foundation for referrals, retention, and leasing. Trust us on this one.

Don’t forget that social media activity improves your SEO (“search engine optimization”) — that is, the likelihood that your property will appear near the top of search engine rankings. This is important because it helps more people find your property.

Twitter is simply another tool in your digital marketing toolbox, and it’s one that has the power to foster relationships and positive word-of-mouth. With the ever-growing community on Twitter, it’s important to put yourself out there and interact with your audience.social-media-checklist-call-to-action