As the single-family industry and hospitality sector both make headway in the smart technology space, multifamily continues to get one step closer to fully adopting smart apartment home technology as well. Apartment owners are already experimenting with smart-home applications, such as keyless entry or smart thermostats. However, the idea is slowly being introduced within the multifamily community. It’s only a matter of time before smart applications make their debut as a staple of apartment home living.

As these tech amenities become more common, renters will likely come to expect them. And properties can charge more for these smart apartments, proving an ROI on their investment.

Why Upgrade Your Smart Technology?

With millennial renters taking an increased pride in both their apartment and the community, the movement toward smart technology only further resonates with their tech-savvy lifestyles.

In this day and age, renters expect apartment communities to have high-speed internet and Wi-Fi around the common areas. Smart apartments have the potential to be an investment that will pay off in the years down the road; some industry leaders are already beginning to see the benefits from upgrading technology.

Smart Apartment Home Technology Necessities

Are you convinced smart apartment home technology is the next big thing? Try these tech upgrades and get smart!

USB Charging

Start simple by upgrading your outlets. Swap out traditional outlets for ones with USB charging capabilities. This is ideal for small units with limited space and eliminates a resident’s need to use an outlet adapter.

Smart Vents

With the thought of limited or shared space in mind, smart vents are also a wonderful option to upgrade. Perfect for roommates, smart vents connect to the Wi-Fi network and learn to automatically open or close the vent based on the existing temperature in the room. This alleviates the issue of terrible airflow that can leave your apartment feeling warm in one room, while cold in another.

Internet-Connected Thermostats

Some communities are even trying out Internet-connected thermostats that can be controlled by a smartphone in real-time. This is a win-win for both renters and property managers; renters can control their temperature as they please and property managers can turn off air conditioning systems when a renter moves out.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are also a rising technology that prevents physically changing out locks or replacing keys after renters move out. This helps properties save money on maintenance, while also keeping residents feeling secure. Whether a resident forgot their keys or lost them at the bottom of their purse, the smart lock app simply allows them to lock or unlock the door via a smartphone.

Package Lockers

Lastly, an upgrade that services the whole community is smart package lockers. Property managers often face the task of dealing with avalanches of packages received each day. This can lead to a multitude of issues from delayed notification of a package to clogged up storage space. By installing a locker, a solution is provided to property managers and residents alike.

Smart apartment home technology is opening doors for both industry professionals and residents alike. As the market demand for more modern apartments grows, what will you do for your property?