We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Leasing is no longer an “amenities dump.” Your prospects and current renters expect a lot more from you; namely, they expect a full resident experience.

Onsite staff must connect with people to fully understand their audience. Targeting each sale and all corresponding communication to that person is the new norm in leasing.

How Resident Events Impact Your Bottom Line

Did you know that residents who have seven or more friends in their apartment community are 47% more likely to renew their lease? Further, a recent Satisfacts Resident survey discovered that resident events are one of the significant drivers of lease renewals. As such, developing a multifamily marketing strategy around resident events at your property can make a big difference in your bottom line.

That being said, hosting a simple grab-and-go resident event once a quarter is not going to cut it. Resident events need to foster relationships between neighbors and create a unique and welcoming resident experience. Ultimately, you should be consistent and intentional, according to Jackie Ratzlaff, Divisional President of the Apartment Life East Division.

Starting Your Resident Experience Journey

According to Apartment Life‘s Ratzlaff, “Fostering resident satisfaction throughout the leasing and move-in experience is where the journey starts, but certainly not where it ends. Giving your residents that ‘home’ feeling involves creating intentional opportunities for them to make lasting, meaningful connections.”

As part of Apartment Life’s new article series, Ratzlaff details three ways to elevate the resident experience and ensure a happy, loyal resident from the beginning.

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Jackie Ratzlaff is the Divisional President of Apartment Life’s East Division. She can be reached at jackieratzlaff@apartmentlife.org.