Utilizing Inbound
Multifamily Marketing to Attract and Convert

Inbound marketing helps you attract and convert visitors, as well as monitor and support every aspect of the consumer’s sales cycle. As experts in inbound, our multifamily marketing agency can put your mind at ease. From planning and writing monthly blogs and designing the corresponding downloadable offers, to posting and managing social media content and digital ads, our team will handle it all.

We help you reach the right audience at the right time — all with the right content.

Inbound multifamily marketing turns the tables on traditional advertising by transitioning from interruption to education. We build that education process by speaking to each stage of a persona’s journey to ensure they find the right information when they need it.

What We Do

  • Monthly Blogging
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Digital Advertising Campaigns (Geofencing, Banner Ads, etc.)
  • Downloadable Offers
  • Social Media Strategy and Management
Inbound Marketing Marketing Solutions at Criterion.B
Inbound Multifamily Marketing and Branding Solutions at Criterion.B

A mock-up image to showcase the RiverWalk Flats multifamily branding that our multifamily marketing agency designed and executed for the client.