Telios chooses Canonball

Telios chooses Canonball


DALLAS, TEXAS – October 10, 2013 – Telios PC, an engineering design firm, specializing in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP), has chosen Canonball to enhance their online brand presence by developing their newly designed website, as part of a larger plan to revamp their digital marketing efforts.

Founded in 2002, Telios is a leader in engineering design for fully integrated building systems. Led by Shannon McCall, Telios takes pride in their ability to listen to their own clients, their passion for excellence, as well the culture they create within their own office space. Canonball’s job is to take the individual elements of this highly principled company, and bring them together in a cohesive manner that will allow the world to peek into Telios’ online window – their website.

However, it isn’t just Canonball’s job to build the window, but rather it’s also to build the path to reach the window. Canonball wants to help people connect with Telios by increasing their presence in relative searches. The common belief about SEO and SEM is that success is achieved by increasing the number of visitors to your website. At Canonball, we don’t believe that. We believe success is achieved by increasing the number of right visitors to your website. This means thoughtful research, visualizing, and articulating problems to be solved creatively. This means more leads, and ultimately increasing your bottom line. Canonball’s main goal for Telios is to help them accomplish this.

Canonball is extremely excited to have been chosen for this project, and will employ their time-tested creative and analytical processes to produce what is sure to be a great new chapter in Telios’ storied history.