Canonball Welcomes Talented UX Designer, Mike Krankota to the team!

Canonball Welcomes Talented UX Designer, Mike Krankota to the team!

Canonball is excited to welcome Mike Krankota to the team.

Mike takes the creative and UX lead at Canonball by translating intangible visions into realities.

Prior to joining Canonball, Mike was a Senior Designer at Propel Group where he provided a wide variety of creative services including but not limited to, branding; design; layout; print design; web concept design; front-end design; UX; front-end development; back-end development; and the occasional terrible joke. His experience with national-level brands such as Neiman Marcus, the Dallas Mavericks, and Baylor Hospital System, allows him to be comfortable and knowledgeable in any type of account.

After attending the University of Houston, his career has been spent in pursuit of all things faster, leaner, more cutting-edge and user-focused, leading Mike to become an early adopter and thought leader in mobile-up responsive design and simplified, streamlined layouts.

Director of Marketing, Ashley Tyndall says “I feel like Mike is the perfect fit for Canonball as he is a respected designer in the Dallas ad community, and will be looked up to by other UX designers in our industry. He has everything it takes to help Canonball grow from both a design standpoint and in front end development. Mike is able to communicate his ideas and theories to laypersons with ease – a rarity in the interactive design and development field.”

 It has been noted that it’s harder to get Mike to stop talking about a great new idea than to start him up. He loves presenting clients new concepts and ways of thinking about their brands, and taking those big ideas to fruition. Canonball is thrilled to have Mike as a part of the team!