The 5 Best Ways to Distribute Your Blog Content

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The 5 Best Ways to Distribute Your Blog Content

In a world where digital consumption is king, there is only one way to fight the battle against your competitors – blogging and distributing your real estate content for all the world to see. Distributing content is more important than writing content, so some say that promoting should take up more of your time than writing the actual content. Derek Halpern of Social Triggers sets an 80/20 ratio, where writing should take 20% of your time and promoting takes 80%. Some say it is impossible to find time to write and blog and distribute your blog content, but I’m going to show you 5 easy ways to do it, and do it well.

Organic Distribution

Social Media

Social Sharing Buttons
– Allow your website visitors to read your content and share it with their friends. The not-so-savvy internet users, or even the lazy ones, will rarely copy your URL and post it on their social pages, so make it easy for them to share your content.

Business Social Accounts
– Share all of your blogs through your social accounts. Write a one-line teaser that will encourage them to click on the link and include a blog graphic to give your audience a visual representation.

Connections – Connecting with influencers in the commercial real estate industry is important to building a solid blog following. Find people on social media that you know will be interested in your content and reach out to them so they can have easy access to your blog.

E-mail Marketing

Like your RSS Feed, you should encourage your website visitors to subscribe to your email list. Once you capture those email addresses you can send out monthly newsletters that feature your most relevant blog posts and drive traffic back to your website.

Content Syndication

It’s important to build relationships with relevant blogs, brands, or publishers. This ultimately builds your brand and makes your blog awareness a lot higher than others. Asking others to link to your content in return of you linking back to their content gives you a connection that benefits both parties. In real estate, this is very important because it allows other bloggers to endorse you and build a bigger audience.

Paid Distribution

Facebook Ads / Facebook Post – Boost

Paid advertisement distribution on Facebook is fairly simple to use and necessary in today’s multifamily world. Digital marketing for commercial real estate gets difficult when organic reach on Facebook decreases, so use paid distribution to your advantage.

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