6 Easy Ways to Do SEO Wrong

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6 Easy Ways to Do SEO Wrong

Search engine optimization (SEO) can often feel like staring into a black hole. You pour in time, energy, and money, and it can seem impossible to tell what (if anything) is happening with your efforts.

Plus, SEO can be tricky, as the requirements are constantly changing. This year alone, many changes have been made that have dramatically altered the SEO landscape, and the year isn’t done yet! Building and maintaining your website with best practices in mind will go a long way toward a healthy posture in SEO, but that only carries it so far. Keeping up often seems a daunting task.

As a result, many have gravitated toward what they might call “aggressive” SEO tactics. In the industry, however, we call these “black hat” SEO tactics. The allure of these approaches are well documented. They’re easy. They’re pretty painless. They often even get results. But be aware:

Black hat SEO tactics are short-lived and carry hefty consequences.

Google’s primary goal is providing relevant search results to users. Matt Cutts, Google’s Webspam team leader, is a near deity in the world of SEO because of the mighty smiting he and his team can (and do) bring down without prejudice. Even major retailers like JC Penney aren’t immune.


Plus, there are lots of other ways to approach SEO that seem easy but fail to deliver. So, in this series, we’ll be going through some of the most common bad SEO ideas.


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