5 Things to Consider When Marketing to Potential Residents

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5 Things to Consider When Marketing to Potential Residents

The internet has officially changed the way potential residents begin their search for a new place to call home. As consumers, we all buy products and make big decisions in a way some never thought was possible. Online has become the front door of all purchase decisions. Blogging, social media, and content marketing is now a must, not an if.

Criterion.B has always been about “bringing the human element” back to the digital advertising space. Now it’s time for property management professionals, and those of us in the multifamily marketing space, to build a foundation that embodies this approach—one that humanizes multifamily properties in the eyes of its residents, both present and future.

Here are 5 things to consider as you change the way you market your properties:

  1. Inbound marketing is here and quite frankly, it’s the future of marketing.

The marketing and advertising world has changed and inbound marketing is a shift in the way business is being done. Say it with me: “Inbound marketing is the future of marketing.” Not sure what inbound marketing is exactly? Learn more here.

  1. Residents are more connected and opinionated than ever before.

Potential residents are coming to us more informed, more connected, and more opinionated than ever before. That means our marketing tactics and methodology needs to change too.

  1. Marketing should never be an interruption.

We are done with interrupting the lives of potential residents and shouting the loudest in an effort to have advertising messages heard… it’s rude! We get it. We are all human beings who want relevant content delivered when we want it, on our terms.

  1. People matter. They’re not just another statistic in a database.

Potential residents should never be looked at as an entry in a database or a contact in a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). Marketing messaging is meant to connect and provide powerful content that is useful and relevant to their problems. All the while, it’s helping transform your properties through real and honest data. 

  1. Trust is key in building the tools for a sustainable future.

Earning trust is important, every step of the way. Trust is essential for building relationships, which are the essence of inbound marketing. By building relationships with your residents, you’re building a sustainable future.

Instead of spending budgets heavily on the traditional marketing tactics of trade shows, print campaigns, direct mail, and cold calling, we need to shift rapidly towards a medium that allows for an inbound approach to targeting, interacting, and influencing consumer decisions. After all, Content is King.

The marketing world has changed. It is time to embrace the future.

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