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Much like the world, marketing has become interconnected. It's no longer as simple as creating magazine ads and designing billboards. Instead, marketing in the digital world requires a series of integrated methods that combine the creative of traditional advertising with the science of research methodology.
At Criterion.B, our capabilities reflect this new world of marketing.

Our Capabilities

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a proven methodology for businesses in the digital age. It’s one that turns the tables on traditional advertising by transitioning from interruption to education. People are tired of being disrupted with advertising messages; rather, they’re seeking answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. We build that education process by speaking to each stage of a persona’s journey to ensure they find the right information when they need it.


Branding & Brand Positioning

A great brand goes beyond just the logo stamped across promotional items. A brand should not only be recognized, it should elicit an emotional response that resonates with the value of your business. Through research and brand strategy, we create an experience that your customers recognize and interact with. Through our branding development, we help build a brand that connects with your customers. Short and sweet, we build brands for brands that build.


Social Media Marketing

These days, bombarding consumers with advertising is not enough. People block ads, fast forward through commercials, and throw out mailers without a second glance. Instead, consumers expect brands to simply meet them where they already are — on social media. Social media is a tricky balance of showcasing your business and culture while promoting customer experience. In meeting this need, we help build your brand awareness, thought leadership, and engagement.


Reputation Management

What are people saying about your brand? What are your ratings like on Yelp? On Facebook? On Google? When anyone can say anything online, it becomes important that the things being said are monitored. Our proactive approach — creating enthusiasts and touching influencers — ensures that your online reputation stays intact. In short, we focus on these concerns so you don’t have to.



You’re an expert in your industry. However, translating that to business success can be a challenge. With our full-funnel consulting strategies, we can offer relief by introducing marketing strategies to boost sales for your brilliant products or solutions. Our team delves deep into the inner workings of your products to determine what makes you remarkable, and develops unique data-driven strategies to make your business boom.


Web Design & Development

A website is more than an online brochure of your work — it’s a home for customer interaction. Many businesses believe a website should be their opportunity to show off. In reality, a website is a tool for consumers. Your website is your first impression, your sales and marketing tool, and your brand experience. A strong website not only ensures business growth, but also offers a unique user experience. Our methodologies bring this to fruition.


Paid Media

We live in a pay-to-play world. Brands looking to capture their online audience must rise to the occasion for their content to be heard. A crowded market means brands need alternative methods to build awareness of their offerings. With an analytical approach, constant testing, and advanced audience targeting methods, our team makes the most of your paid media budget by boosting your content on the right channels to prove the best results.


HubSpot Management

You’ve bought into inbound marketing and bought the HubSpot platform! Now what? Marketing automation and strategy can be difficult to manage on your limited schedule. And, learning a new tool means a gap between understanding the system and bringing in results. By leaving your HubSpot management to the experts, you not only ensure that your marketing is optimized, but that you have the time and resources to focus on other aspects of your business for best results.


Content Creation

Today’s marketing tactics are changing. The best way to engage an audience and stay relevant is digital content. And we create that. From videos and blogging to infographics and ebooks, our specialty is producing content that keeps your business relevant, while you keep it rolling.


We've worked with some pretty cool brands...

Jessica Zazzara


I want to give my highest recommendation to the team at Criterion.B. They're a fresh perspective for this industry and quick to respond to any request we have. They have a 'can-do' attitude for every challenge we send their way.


Misty Sanford

AMLI Residential

Criterion.B was an absolute pleasure to work with & understood exactly what we needed (even when we didn't) & executed a design that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but customer focused. The team was easy to work with & are the best for digital, design & results. Criterion.B is always my go-to agency.


Elizabeth Francisco


The Criterion.B team has gone to great lengths to gain insight and understanding of our brand. Their expertise in both traditional and inbound marketing makes them the ideal partner to showcase ResMan’s intuitive SaaS solution to today’s multifamily owners and operators.


Jennifer Gillaspy

Streetlights Residential

Streetlights was pleased by Criterion.B's branding efforts on our new development. We believe they truly captured both the heart of the project and the architectural style of this multifaceted development. We would wholeheartedly recommend their firm.



1 Business Excellence Forum Award
4 Communicator Awards
4 Dallas ADDY Awards
4 Davey Awards
3 Summit Creative Award
2 W3 Awards Silver Winner


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